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  • Lindsay Spiller

Why Every Digital Entrepreneur Should Have a Lawyer on Their Team

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A lawyer is essential to any business team

As a digital entrepreneur, you've already taken the first steps toward success by starting your own business. But do you have a lawyer on your team? In this blog post, we dive into why every digital entrepreneur should have a lawyer on their team to benefit from sound and informed decisions instead of just hoping for the best.

What is a digital entrepreneur?

A digital entrepreneur uses the internet and other digital tools to create, market, and sell their products or services. It can include freelancers, bloggers, social media influencers, web designers, content creators, app developers, and marketers. Most digital entrepreneurs operate in the e-commerce market.

A. Benefits to having a Lawyer

Having a lawyer is essential for any digital entrepreneur. This is especially true when it comes to navigating the complex legal and regulatory landscape that exists in the digital world. Here are some of the main advantages:

1. Drafting Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

Before selling online, you must ensure that you have the proper legal documents. A lawyer can help you draft Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, and other legally binding documents to ensure your business complies with applicable laws.

2. Business formation

If you are starting a new business, having a lawyer on your team can help you with the paperwork for incorporation or setting up an LLC. They can also guide you in selecting the best business structure for your company. Jurisdiction selection, taxation, and other legal matters related to business formation can be complex, and an experienced lawyer can help you make the right choices.

3. Compliance with regulations

A lawyer familiar with local, state, and federal laws can ensure that you adhere to all the regulations that apply to your business. This can avoid any potential legal issues and costly litigation in the future.

4. Contracts

A lawyer can assist you in negotiating contracts and other agreements with vendors, partners, investors, and customers. They can provide sound legal advice to ensure that the terms are fair for both parties involved.

5. Tax advice

An experienced lawyer can provide sound tax advice and help you navigate the complexities of filing taxes, including deductions and other important information.