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Spiller Law Representation Services  for Film and Television Projects

Spiller Representation Services

Do you need representation at Cannes, EFM/Berlin, MIPCOM, or AFM?

Elevate Your Film or Television Project with Expert Legal Representation


Film and television production is an art. But turning your creative vision into a globally recognized sensation requires more than just talent; it demands strategy. As producers, ensuring your project reaches the right eyes and ears can be the difference between a passing glance and a lasting impact. Enter the world of major media markets: Cannes, Berlin's EFM, MIPCOM, LA Screenings, and AFM. These arenas are where the magic happens, where producers, distributors, and buyers converge, and where projects transition from dreams to realities.


However, navigating these waters can be intricate, and that's where we step in.


Why Choose Us?

  • Profile Amplification: With legal representation, your project isn't just another name on the list. It’s a premium, professionally-backed piece of art that demands attention.

  • Gatekeeper Navigation: The entertainment world is filled with gatekeepers. With our expertise, not only can we open doors, but we can also ensure you step into the rooms that matter most.

  • Reputation Leverage: Aligning with our esteemed reputation provides your project with an instant credibility boost. Think of it as piggybacking on a legacy of success.

  • Unparalleled Network: With over 15 years of experience, Lindsay is more than just a lawyer. As a regular attendee of Cannes, Berlin, MIPCOM, and AFM, he’s a beacon in the industry, bringing along a network that exponentially magnifies your project’s visibility.

  • Trusted Advisor: Producers and creatives alike regard Lindsay as an invaluable ally, ensuring that beyond just representation, you get advice that's gold.


Our Commitment to You

Your dream is our mission. From crafting a compelling pitch to negotiating the most favorable deals, and ensuring every legal nuance is spot-on, we’re with you every step of the way.


Let's Make Magic Together
Your story deserves the best. Let’s give it the limelight it’s meant for. Contact us now to skyrocket your project at Cannes, MIPCOM, AFM, Berlin/EFM, and beyond. The entertainment world awaits you. 

Learn about our Film Packaing and Consulting Services.

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