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Business Clients...


"We have worked with Lindsay for several years. We have used Lindsay for various legal issues, and he always seems to amaze me. He is one who always sees the glass as half full and sheds new light on all our legal issues. Lindsay is a brilliant attorney, and I'm so glad to know him and have him as our counsel."

Tony Brenta, CEO, Phoenix Day


"Lindsay has helped me with a review of two major projects. Having worked with many lawyers in the past, I can honestly say he’s one of a kind. Not only extremely professional and detail-oriented but caring and generous. He truly cares about his clients and their work, and it shows! I highly recommend working with Lindsay!"

Susan Reeve, Founder of LionFish Consulting


"Lindsay has assisted us in all aspects of our start-up business. His hallmark is an amazing ability to find the best solution for the business that also dignifies all parties involved. He navigated us brilliantly through some early start-up issues, offering very specific guidance along the way while executing all key documents and agreements. He is also one of the kindest people you will ever meet. This is the person you want at your side. He is patient, thorough, tough when needed, and highly ethical. I cannot recommend him more highly."

Cynthia Harrison Barbera, Founder of a Digital Publishing Company Startup


"I have been a client of Lindsay's in both the personal and professional world. On the professional side, he has set up my LLC, given me outstanding guidance on negotiating contracts, and answered business questions thoroughly. Personally, my wife and I called on him for our estate planning. Again, he explained everything clearly, ensured we understood our options, and made the whole process easy. He has provided us, personally and professionally, with great peace of mind. Beyond all that, Lindsay is a fantastic human being who cares a lot about everyone he deals with. I highly recommend him as an attorney and recommend you get to know him whether you need a lawyer or not."

Chris Conner, Marketing Consultant, Words 2 Wow Life Science Marketing LLC


“I met Lindsay one day while waiting in line at a coffee shop near my office. Though I had no need for legal services at the time, I enjoyed our conversation and walked away with his business card. A few weeks later, I had a final falling out with my business partners and was in need of an attorney to help with my departure. Luckily I had Lindsay's card still sitting on my desk at home. Lindsay was not only an amazing legal resource to work out a very fair deal for me (he got me exactly what I wanted), but more importantly was a great shoulder to lean on during this rough time in my life. Once our settlement was in place, Lindsay helped me navigate the legal waters to get back in the game and set up two new companies (service and products). He has been extremely helpful with corporate filings and contract negotiations and helping me get paid from unscrupulous clients. Lindsay is as good as it gets, and I can not recommend him highly enough.” 

Matt Silverman, Founder of Swordfish, a Motion-Design Studio


“Lindsay Spiller is a highly principled attorney who is exceptionally careful to learn what his clients need and can afford before he suggests anything. He is knowledgeable and timely. Lindsay helped me and my partner with stock transfer and retirement agreements, advising us about many things we hadn't thought of but were very important issues. His priority was creating a happy outcome for us, regardless.” 

Richard Jepsen, former CEO of OCSC Sailing


“I've worked with a number of attorneys over the years, and Lindsay will be the only attorney I use from now on! He is incredibly responsive, translates complicated legalese into straightforward language and concepts I understand, and is very efficient with his time and reasonably priced. If I go to him with an issue that is out of his sweet spot, he has an extensive network of colleagues he utilizes as needed to get me expert answers. I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a fabulous attorney.” 

Cecilia Trost, Former Telecom Executive


“Lindsay Spiller has leaped to the aid of several of my clients over the years. As clients grow their businesses, they often have varied needs, from product or name licensing to establishing their corporate entity to contract protections. Each time I've referred Lindsay, he's come through with flying colors, having helped each person exactly solve their issue. He's smart, honest, reliable, and caring, and has qualified referrals outside his specialty. His background is vast, and he's a wonderful human being (he's a musician, too, not just an attorney). Lindsay has always come through for my clients, who then rave about how clear, focused, helpful, and reasonable he was, so I plan to keep referring to him. He's advised me on behalf of my clients on licensing issues and is a wealth of knowledge and resources. Lindsay will be the first one I call if I need any kind of legal help in business.” 

Allison Bliss, Owner, Allison Bliss Consulting


“Lindsay is a strong advocate, yet I also found him to be one of the rare attorneys who really understands the value of resolving conflict and to that end, is willing to place his client's best interests ahead of his own. It was a pleasure working with him.” 

Eileen Barker, Mediator/Attorney, Barker Mediation



Entertainment Clients...



"Bar none, the best combination of head and heart in the legal field."

Sally Park Rubin, Film and Television Producer


“Lindsay is the most extraordinary lawyer I have ever had the privilege to work with in my 20 years in the entertainment industry. He is brilliant in his grasp of details, terrifically creative in finding solutions to complex problems, and is utterly ethical and trustworthy. On top of it all, he's a delightful and inspiring person to be around. I feel that one of the great blessings of my life is that Lindsay became my attorney and close advisor.” 

Josh Kornbluth, Film Producer/Actor


"My experience having Lindsay represent me was and is fantastic. He has a unique style that is non-combative yet effective, and that fits my worldview. He is able to communicate in a positive manner the needs of the client to effect an outcome that works for both parties. That is not easy. I recommend him in the highest terms and look forward to years of a great working relationship with him."

Michael Hamilton, Film Producer


"I have worked with Lindsay for about seven years. He has handled over 20 music publishing contracts for the company I work for. You should hire Lindsay if you want to make a deal with an established company in the entertainment field. He has a knack for getting people to come to an agreement. Lindsay's strength is turning hostile negotiating counterparts into friends and supporters. He has a background as a sports agent, and he uses the skills he learned in that field to persuade people to participate in your venture. Even if your venture is small and the established company is large, Lindsay has a way of getting them to see your venture as important. Maybe they think Lindsay is important. Either way, it works, and you'll be pleased."

Jon Broderick, Founder, and Owner, GuitarTricks.com


“Lindsay has handled three matters on our behalf. Despite the fact that I went into each situation expecting the worst, Lindsay achieved results beyond what I thought was possible in each of them. In negotiations, he has the unique ability to be simultaneously non-threatening and remarkably persuasive. He is efficient, ethical, and conscientious, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking representation. I generally despise working with lawyers, but Lindsay is a different breed.” 

Reed Landry, Owner of Media Company


"Lindsay has been an amazing and critical part of my growing company. As I tell him (too often) I totally fall down when it comes to legal aspects of a business. This is where Lindsay comes in, with a wealth of knowledge, patience, poise, and a great sense of humor. My dealings with Lindsay have always been completely comfortable and, dare I say, fun! I look forward to our meetings and dealings and plan on not only utilizing his services moving forward - but also growing and expanding his role as much as demand dictates. I highly and continually recommend Lindsay Spiller - on an almost daily basis.” 

James Fox, Founder of Dawnrunner Productions


“We have known and worked with Lindsay for over five years. Whether it is an adversarial contract negotiation with a talent agent, an explosive disagreement with a litigious co-producer, or a dense exploration of legal semantics with real-world consequences, Lindsay has solved all of our problems with an unwavering calm, formidable intelligence, and persuasive congeniality. He is absolutely the nicest guy you will ever meet and the lawyer you would least want on the other side of the table. Or maybe you would. His smile has teeth. But it is a testament to his extreme talent and skill that he rarely has to use them. Lindsay appeals to reason, fairness, and mutual respect. He goes for the win-win and usually gets it. We truly believe Lindsay Spiller is the best in the business.”

Michael Hayes and Brian Lubocki, Principals, OK By Me, LLC, a Film Production Company


“I give the highest recommendation to Lindsay and Spiller Law. Ultimately, I think of Lindsay as a career coach and Zen Master. The protective lawyering he provides for my personal assets and my company in legal matters is second to none. He is a deep reservoir of knowledge, and I feel much wiser from meeting him. Lindsay is also one of the friendliest people I've ever encountered, always showing the most optimistic approach no matter how difficult the situation may seem. I'm a huge fan; he's one of few on my speed dial.” 

Joseph Zaki, Film and Special-Effects Producer



Estate Planning Clients...


"Lindsay Spiller has and will continue to work with us on all our legal matters, Recently, he assisted my wife and me with estate planning and a settlement with a financial institution.  In each situation, Lindsay left us feeling secure and confident in his sound judgment and reasoning. He truly puts his heart into his work. What makes Spiller Law different is that Lindsay listens, asks great questions, and works tirelessly for a fair judgment. Lindsay has the unique ability to easily break down the complexity of the law into language we can easily understand to make the best decisions for our family."

Eric and Julia Arndt


"Lindsay is amazing at his craft. We had our will/trust done with him. Each time we met, I learned something new. He was so great at explaining everything in detail. Lindsay is so knowledgeable and such a lovely person. We are so happy to have our will/trust done, thanks to Lindsay. He is so professional, and we highly recommend him!"

Karen Loewenstern


"We recently moved to California from Virginia and needed an entire set of new estate documents - wills, trusts, POAs, Advance Directives, etc. Fortunately for my family, we called on Lindsay to help us with this task. We are overjoyed with the result. My husband and I, laymen, did not know what most of these documents signified. Lindsay took the time (for which he did not charge) to educate us about wills and estates so that we understood what we were signing. We are in our 70s and have signed several wills prior to this one; no one has ever taken the time to explain the difference. Lindsay listened to us and made sure he understood our needs. Aside from his being a competent, smart (he attended UC Berkeley and Georgetown Law), caring, and fair professional, he has an easy-going personality and is a fun person with whom to work. I wholeheartedly endorse Lindsay!"

Anita Feinstein


“Lindsay helped us with our Trust and made the process simple and easy to understand. We had put the task off for a few years, and we're so thankful we called Lindsay, and we know the job was done right. We've recommended Lindsay to a few friends, and they, too, have been very pleased.” 

Sarah Foltz


“Lindsay helped my husband and I create our will and trust. He did a fabulous job managing our concerns, getting us timely results, and creating a well-documented final outcome. As importantly, he's a compassionate, caring individual who was a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Lindsay!” 

Kathy Andre


“Lindsay has helped me maneuver complicated legal matters. His patience, knowledge of the subject, and ability to translate it into terms that a layperson can understand is second to none. He helped me build confidence that the contract I was entering into was fair and represented my interests well. On top of that, Lindsay is quite personable, a pleasure to work with, and a person of high moral standards.” 

Chris Schaeffer



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