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Trademark Lawyer Services for Startups & Small Businesses

Trademark is a type of intellectual prop
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We provide comprehensive trademark solutions tailored to startups and expanding small businesses.


Our USPTO Trademark Service Process:

  • Client Questionnaire: You initially complete a client questionnaire so that we may understand your unique need.

  • Trademark Search: We then undertake the following searches for you

    • Knock-out Search: We quickly check for conflicts.

    • Comprehensive Search: Should the Knock-out Search be successful, we undertake a deeper clearance search to determine the strength of the mark and whether the USPTO would have any reason to deny the application.

  • Phone Consultation: We then discuss with you the results of our search.

  • Trademark Application Drafting: After our discussion, we draft the application and review it with you.

  • Application Filing: You should expect to pay the required filing fee to the US Government when we submit the application.

  • Office Action: Should the USPTO respond with an Office Action Letter, we will help you respond successfully. 

  • Global Trademark Services: Should you wish to file your trademark worldwide, we are happy to provide such services. 

Why Choose Spiller Law?

  • Expertise in Startups and Small Businesses: We tailor solutions for emerging businesses.

  • Transparent Pricing: We have no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is clear and upfront.

  • Efficient Process: Smooth, hassle-free process that respects your time.

  • Trusted Advisor and Personalized Service: We treat each client like family and are dedicated to achieving successful outcomes.

Visit our Trademark Services Legal Fee page.

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