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Music Clearance and Song Licensing

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Entertainment and music attorney Lindsay Spiller with friend, John Stix at BMG Music in New York City
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Lindsay Spiller with Alisa Coleman, Senior Executive VP at ABKCO, the music publisher for the Rolling Stones
Entertainment and music lawyer Lindsay Spiller at Universal Music Publishing in London, UK
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Entertainment lawyer and music attorney Lindsay Spiller visiting Warner Music in New York City
Entertainment and Music attorney Lindsay Spiller visits Sony Music in New York City

Spiller Law: Your Key to Seamless Music Clearance and Song Licensing


In the captivating world of film, television, and new media, the power of music cannot be understated. Music can set the tone, evoke emotions, and elevate the overall impact of a cinematic or televised production. However, unlocking the perfect harmony between visuals and music requires intricate legal maneuvering, and that's where entertainment lawyers specializing in music clearance come into play. 


Spiller Law, a leading entertainment law practice, is a beacon of expertise. With a dedicated focus on securing music for film and television projects, Spiller Law is your partner in navigating the complex web of synch and master-use licenses with music publishers and labels.


The Importance of Legal Expertise in Music Clearance


Securing the rights to use music in film and television is not a simple task. It involves a labyrinth of legal intricacies, negotiations, and permissions. Attempting to navigate this terrain without the guidance of a skilled entertainment lawyer can lead to costly mistakes, delays, or even legal disputes. Here's why having an attorney from Spiller Law by your side is indispensable:


  1. Understanding the Music Licensing Landscape: Music clearance for film and television projects entails acquiring the necessary licenses to use copyrighted music. There are two primary licenses involved: synch licenses, which grant the right to synchronize music with visual content, and master use licenses, which provide permission to use a specific recording of a song. These licenses often involve multiple parties, including music publishers, record labels, composers, and performing rights organizations (PROs). Navigating this complex web of rights and permissions requires in-depth knowledge of copyright law and the music industry.

  2. Negotiating Complex Agreements: Music licensing agreements are highly nuanced documents that outline the terms and conditions of music usage. Negotiating these agreements necessitates a deep understanding of industry norms, pricing structures, and legal nuances. Spiller Law's expertise lies in crafting agreements that protect your interests while ensuring that the music you desire is legally cleared for your project.

  3. Protecting Against Legal Risks: Without the proper licenses, using copyrighted music in your project can lead to legal repercussions, including cease and desist orders, lawsuits, and financial penalties. Spiller Law minimizes these risks by ensuring that all necessary permissions are obtained, and all legal obligations are met.


The Spiller Law Approach


At Spiller Law, we recognize that each project is unique, and the music selection process is a highly personalized journey. Our approach is rooted in understanding your creative vision and aligning it with the legal requirements of music clearance. Here's how we stand out:

  1. Personalized Consultations: We start by sitting with you to discuss your project's creative vision and music needs. This initial consultation helps us understand the mood, tone, and emotional impact you want to achieve through music. We then work diligently to secure music that aligns perfectly with your goals.

  2. Professional Relationships: Our extensive experience in the entertainment industry has allowed us to build strong relationships with music professionals, including composers, music publishers, record labels, and PROs. These connections enable us to streamline the negotiation process and secure the best terms for your music licenses.

  3. Experience in Negotiating Music Licensing Deals: Spiller Law boasts a track record of successfully negotiating music licensing deals for various film and television projects. Our team is well-versed in pricing, royalty structures, and contractual obligations, ensuring you receive fair and favorable terms.


Spiller Law's Notable Achievements


Our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to our clients has led to significant achievements in music clearance for film and television. Here are some of our notable accomplishments:

  1. Representation of the Largest Guitar Instruction Site: Spiller Law was privileged to represent the largest guitar instruction site in music licensing negotiations. Our expertise in securing licenses for instructional content involving copyrighted music has helped our client deliver high-quality educational materials to aspiring musicians worldwide.

  2. Resolution of Disputes: In the dynamic world of music licensing, disputes between clients and music publishers or PROs can arise. Spiller Law's experienced legal team has successfully resolved these disputes, ensuring our clients can proceed with their projects without unnecessary delays or legal complications.




In the realm of film and television, music clearance is an essential aspect of creating memorable and impactful productions. The role of an entertainment lawyer specializing in music clearance cannot be overstated, and Spiller Law stands at the forefront of this field. Our personalized approach, professional relationships with music industry experts, and extensive experience negotiating music licensing deals make us the go-to choice for filmmakers and television producers seeking to elevate their projects through the power of music.


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