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Spiller Law Trademark Legal Services
for Startups & Small Businesses:
Menu of Legal Fees


US Trademark Services

  • Initial Analysis: We use a client questionnaire to understand your particular needs.

    • Trademark Searches:

      • Knock-out Search: Swift screening for obvious conflicts ($500)

      • Comprehensive Search: In-depth analysis for any latent issues ($1000)

  • Consultation: Direct phone consultation on your search outcomes.

  • Application Handling: Trademark Application Drafting and Filing. Fee: $1995 + $350/class (filing).

  • Office Action: Should a response to a USPTO Office Action be required, the Lawyer's fee will be based on an hourly rate.

EU Trademark Services for 28 Countries

  • From searching trademarks in the EU to monitoring and renewal, we’ve got you covered. Fee for one class: Lawyer's services + service fee & disbursements (total approximately $1500).


Madrid Protocol: Global Trademark Registration

  • File once, and reach out globally. From initiating a basic US application to completing an international registration via the Madrid Protocol, we’re with you every step. Fee: Lawyer's time $2600, plus approximately $100/country registration fee.


Not every nation is under the Madrid Protocol umbrella. For non-participating nations, separate applications are essential.


The Spiller Law Advantage

  • Startup & Small Business Specialization: We provide solutions crafted specifically for emerging and smaller businesses.

  • Transparent Pricing: Clarity is our commitment; no hidden surprises.

  • Efficiency Is Key: We value your time with our streamlined processes.

  • Personal Attention: We treat clients like family and provide the personal attention they deserve.


Begin Your Trademark Adventure With Us.

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