What does a Music Lawyer do?

Updated: May 3

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Musicians can benefit by engaging a trusted music lawyer

A music lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in the field of music law. This encompasses a wide range of legal issues that can arise within the music industry, including contract negotiations, copyright and trademark infringement, and disputes between artists and their labels. If you are a musician or songwriter who wants to protect your work, or if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a record label or music app, then it is important to understand what a music lawyer does and how they can help you. In this blog post, we will discuss the role of the music lawyer and some of the most common legal issues that they deal with.

1. Music lawyers negotiate and draft contracts for their clients, and represent them in court if necessary.

Through careful negotiation and drafting of contracts, a music lawyer can help to ensure that the legal rights of artists, managers, and music app developers are protected. A good music lawyer is familiar with the jargon and provisions of standard agreements and can interpret them for the client. A music lawyer also represents clients in court should any disputes arise or further enforcement action be required. Whether drafting or negotiating a complex agreement or settling a disagreement, a good music lawyer is skilled at finding creative solutions that satisfy all parties involved.

2. Music lawyers also provide legal advice on copyright law, publishing contracts, and other issues related to the music business.

In addition to their work with contracts and agreements, music lawyers also provide legal advice on a variety of other topics related to the music business. This can include registering copyrights, assisting with the negotiation of publishing and licensing contracts, and providing guidance on royalty collection and distribution. With their in-depth knowledge of the music industry and its many complexities, good music lawyers often become an artist's and music business owner's most trusted advisor.

3. Music lawyers sometimes work as managers or agents for musicians and bands.

Some music lawyers also work as managers or agents for musicians and bands. In this capacity, they advise on everything from what contracts to sign to what tour dates to book. They also often have a network of contacts in the industry that they can use to help their clients further their careers. As a result, music lawyers play a vital role in helping musicians navigate the often-complex world of the music business.

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