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Spiller Law: Rooted in the Heart of the
San Francisco Bay Area

Picture of Spiller Law's San Francisco Location in Jackson Square

The terrace outside the San Francisco office of Spiller Law

Spiller Law's conference room at its San Francisco location

Spiller Law's San Francisco conference room

The San Francisco Bay Area: More Than Just a Headquarters

The San Francisco Bay Area isn't just a location; it's a legacy. For Lindsay Spiller, who is the founder of Spiller Law, a native San Franciscan, a graduate of UC Berkeley, and a third-generation Californian, the Bay Area isn't just a pin on the map; it's a cherished part of him. It epitomizes vibrancy, progressiveness, and cutting-edge innovations. So, when the question arose of where Spiller Law should plant its roots, the answer was clear: where else but home? 


Your Berkeley Startup, Small Business, and Estate Planning Law Firm


Our connection to the San Francisco Bay Area and Berkeley is more than historical; it's strategic. We've cast a wide net over the East Bay Area from our central location in the heart of San Francisco to better serve Berkeley and the other diverse communities of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Expanding our footprint signifies our unwavering commitment to being present, accessible, and a part of the community we serve.

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